Who am I?

Well, you already know my name (or, to be more accurate, the name by which I like to be known: there is a difference), so perhaps the heading of this piece ought to be What am I?

I’m now in my 60s (which vagueness will avoid the necessity of having to update this part of my bio for a good few years!), living in north Yorkshire, England, and in the preceding years, I have been variously a designer and craftsman, carpenter/joiner and small-scale builder, manager of a small business (second-hand car spares), shop proprietor (same), department manager for an east German (post-Wall) company, salesman, househusband, actor, writer, and publisher. I like to think that this variety has made me the well-rounded person I am, but some might say that I’m an occupational butterfly. Whatever.

This is about all I feel inclined to divulge about myself, although additional information may be gleaned by the assiduous from other sections of this page (in its compendium sense), so please follow the links in the first column to find out more about my background, for which I hope the SS will be truly thankful (winky emoticon).