This play followed the informal WADS custom of presenting a less well-known play in the autumn, and it had an extensive cast and extensible set. My rôle perhaps stretched credibility, given that I was supposed to be a lad of about 20, but I think I got away with it. The play is set in France just before WWI and focuses on the marriage of General St Pé, played by Les Scott, and his reluctance to accept that he is getting near the end of his life, and unlikely to be able to sow his wild oats any longer.

I play his secretary, who is helping the General prepare his memoirs, but in the process, he has to resist the advances of the General’s daughters, because of his conventional religious morality; however, he falls in love with the General’s former mistress, Ghislaine (Karen McCarthy), after she (literally) falls on him, but their romance seems doomed, until the final revelation removes the obstacle.