This was a great character to play, even though I was very mature for a mature student, but I think it was plausible that I might have been researching Henry James at the British Library for a thesis: perhaps to produce a book as a result, even though this was not suggested. It was good to have to preserve an Australian accent all the way through, even if it was generic, rather than location-specific. This was a great thriller, with plot twists right to the end, with a strong ensemble cast, comprising Ian Dobson as Robert Simon, a previously successful stage manager, but more recently, failed actor/playwright; Katrina Stead as Anne O’Neill, his successful actress wife, who decides that she has had enough of his constant affairs; Ivan Hall as Ferdinand Widdecombe, the psychoanalyst she consults to help her deal with her anguish, and I, as Herman, the Australian tenant of the cottage in the grounds of the Simons’ estate. Not for the faint-hearted!