Mr. Needham

Despite having heard of the title of this comedy, very few people probably know the authors, who are Anthony Marriott and Alistair Foot. The plot concerns the British ambivalence towards pornography, and the anxiety of the main characters, a newly married couple, the Hunters, Peter (Ivan Hall) and Frances (Rachel Collier), who inadvertently acquire some, but are unable to dispose of it (and it keeps on coming) for various reasons.

My character Mr. Needham is a bank inspector who is reputed to be both punctilious and very meticulous, so he had a voice to suit the personality! When he arrives at the Hunters’ flat to wait for his hotel room to be ready, before making an inspection at Peter’s branch of the bank in the morning, he gets caught up in some misdirected mayhem with two good-time girls (Sarah Cox and Hannah Risdon) as a result of being given sleeping tablets for his insomnia.