John Brownlow

This part would have had added appeal for me, if I really believed that I was being cast for the character’s description, because my mistress, Liz Walford (Katrina Stead), said I was ‘well known to be the most attractive man in London’! I'm nothing of the sort, of course: I don’t live in London.

The play, by an author whose family name was well known in political circles in the 1960s and ’70s, William Douglas Home, is a bittersweet comedy, and my character is a bit of a cad, it has to be said: when his plan to elope to Milan with Liz is thwarted, in no small part by her husband, Hugh (Les Scott), who coincidentally also has his own plans for dalliance, John makes the best of a bad job, but then he was a charming man!