Gus (Loftus)

A really funny play, and great fun to perform, not least for me because my character was such a character! Stretching credibility again slightly (although not too much, I would concede) I play the single father of the ‘hero’, my son Leonard Loftus (Ian Dobson). Leonard is an aspiring author; unfortunately, his attempts keep being rejected, until he hits upon a winning formula: writing as a woman!

Unfortunately, this involves a high degree of deception, so that the publisher who is interested in the story, Harriet Copeland (Anne Dobson), who is a staunch feminist, does not discover the truth and cancel the lucrative deal. Gus is quite happy to go along with this, after his initial incredulity at his son’s unaccustomed adventurousness, although he is going to make quite sure that Leonard pays for the privilege: money, that is, and guarantees Gus that he is not going to be sent back to Birchampton, the retirement home from which he managed to get himself expelled for bad behaviour!