George Pigden

Not the most attractive of names, but that was part of the comedy element in this farce by one of the best known authors of the genre, Ray Cooney. George is the Principal Private Secretary to Richard Willey (Ian Dobson), a cabinet minister in the Government, who is having an affair with the secretary of the Leader of the Opposition, and the action takes place in suite 648 of the Westminster Hotel.

Unfortunately, there is what appears to be a dead body in the room, so I am called in to clear up the mess. Surprise, surprise: everything goes wrong! In the midst of all this, I fall for my mother’s nurse, Gladys Foster (Karen McCarthy), and there is much hilarity caused by the body very inconveniently coming back to life, but having to be kept unconscious so that it can be removed. A waiter (Ken Butler) is on hand to assist, at the right price, of course.