Baron Boris

In this pantomime, based on the traditional story (aren’t they all?), written by Angela Cook (¬©August 2003), I played Baron Boris the Bankrupt, the ‘forgetful dad’ (a characteristic I didn’t have to work too hard at!) of the heroine, Cinderella. We lived at Stoneybroke Hall, in the village of Stoneybroke, and a fair amount of the action took place outside the village pub, the Fiddler’s Elbow. I had to play an old(ish) man, something that seems to be becoming more natural with every passing day, and because my hair was short then, I wore a pigtail wig, which wouldn’t be necessary now!

As is common with these productions, there was a cast of thousands (well, sixteen, anyway), including the stock villain: The Man in Black (boo, hiss), played by the wonderful Tony Murphy, and all the other ‘usual suspects’; plus, thirteen different songs (with reprises thereof) and associated dance routines.