Uncle George

Back to the Cooney family, this time the son, Michael, for this hugely enjoyable comedy. As another rôle in the trend of acknowledging my advancing years, Uncle George was a great opportunity to play a real scallywag! Both George and his nephew Eric (Ian Dobson) are practised con-artists, but while Eric’s conning has been directed at the State, George’s is more of the ‘ducking & diving’ variety, and I had a very good rôle model to aim at, in the original actor for this character, Brian Murphy.

Notwithstanding a ‘twirly’ entrance one night while strapped to a stretcher, I think my abiding memory of this part was being held upside down with my head in a black bin liner, after being knocked unconscious by a door (again! Good thing I’m not paranoid. Or am I?). Subtle it wasn’t, but hugely enjoyable it was, and one of the more recent offerings, first performed in 1996, from the Society.