Timothy Westerby

Another Ray Cooney farce, but this time, co-written with John Chapman. My character is looking forward to giving away his daughter, Judy (Rachel Collier) at her wedding that day, but the preparations have all been proving a bit too much for him; add to that the fact that he is in danger of losing a very lucrative advertising contract with a lingerie company, if he doesn’t come up with a convincing campaign.

When a bump on his head changes the cardboard cutout that he brought home, of a 1920s Flapper, for the advertising campaign, into a real, and delightful Flapper (Amy Moore) whom only he can see, Tim’s family think he’s lost the plot; when, after another head trauma, Tim imagines himself back in 1926 having just married Polly Perkins the Flapper, everyone thinks he’s left the planet!